You can get a variety of options for your kitchen if frequently shop kitchen gadgets normally for your kitchen you can see many options on the shelves of marts, cash and carries electronic stores. New Inventions are coming with the passage of time, we are watching new inventions. Kitchen Gadgets are coming in variety and we have the option to opt the better according to our budget from manual to auto all gadgets are in a phase of invention and improvement. These inventions are replacing old concepts. These concepts are making human life easier and better some are reducing effort some are saving times. It’s not news that we as human love to eat a variety of food either they are traditional or Contemporary but we can’t eat one item for 3 days consecutive. Change is part of Human nature lets discusses a new invention AIR FRYER it gains popularity in a very short time. In first glance, it seems it’s something which cooks food with Air

 What is Air Fryer?  and should I get an Air Fryer?

Nowadays Air Fryers are in the shelves of many kitchen appliances store. A simple question comes in our mind is what is this air fryer? And how it works? and when you like this gadget should I purchase it? Because its relatively a recent product in the kitchen appliance category but it become popular because of its qualities.

Let’s Check how and why these are good.

What is actually an Air Fryer?

Its Shape is similar to a juicer machine and a basket at the bottom you can check the picture below. The fryer basket is made up of material which we normally look like a baking try. It has a preset temperature or time. Basically there is fan that blows higher around that basket and act like convention oven and that circulate heat among the food. We can also call it a mini convection oven.

Why Air Flyers are popular?

Because many popular chefs around the world endorsed them it’s easy to handle and easy to use. They also have very strong marketing Campaign and its actually an alternative of deep frying and this is a big reason of getting the popularity. When we deep fry actually it made food very much crisp because its getting direct in contact with the oil where as in air fryer its gone a be a convection cooking and it perform same activity with the help of air.

Why we are not calling it mini convection oven rather Air fryers?

That’s is actually a great question people don’t realize what conviction actually dose whereas the term air frying is more digestible and easy to understand and people can imagine what that actually means and understand the write use of it. After the lunch of air fryers many companies have started giving an option in microwave ovens of air frying. So to cut short all these appliances are conviction baking.

What is conviction Baking?

It is actually a speeding process so it avoids the hotspot because there is a fan which blew and circulate the heat among the food. It results in fast cook and evenly cooked in convection you can cook your food 25% faster and generally at low temperatures. It saves your energy and money. Serious and professional cooks search for good quality conviction oven. True Conviction ovens also called European conviction oven these oven comes with a third heating element integrated into the fan. Heat Generate from top bottom and top cavities of oven and during. Easy to operates its basket is nonstick so it should be washed in hands remember also wash nonstick material with hands rather putting them in dishwasher.

Baking in Air Fryer

This a healthy alternative of deep frying.

You can fry, bake and Grill. You can layer your food in air fryers basket without oil Its easy and quick.

The Frying units are normally plastic easy to handle. You can change its place anytime. It can easily cook 25 to 30 ounces.

On the fryers there is stamp about the cooking temperature and time of different foods. Some of them offer recipes in their manuals. There is always air exhausting space in back or bottom of the fryers be careful for those spaces never cover it. Basket of air fryer has holes at the bottom better to place your small baking containers remember never use plastics.

What you can Cook in Air Fryer

you can fry fish, chips, chicken, bake potato, small pizza, you can serve quickly in shorter time. 

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