Top Most Mistakes we do while using Air Fryers

It’s very normal we all make mistakes but sometimes we do more. I actually think we do mistakes why? and how we make mistakes?

Many theories explain we make mistakes because we have less knowledge and sometimes we make mistakes when we overlook the processes. Sometime because of carelessness we make mistakes.

Stick with yourself control yourself and believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible Don’t get nervous let’s use your Air fryer.

By knowing the following will prevent you from making mistakes. And you will get the best results from your Air Fryer rather than learning the hard way of it by hit and trial.

Don’t worry I have made many of them but my last mistake is your gain

And I think you are a new user of Air fryer that’s why you are reading this article.

Mistake no 1

Not Investing in a good Air Fryer

I can understand the budget I know it’s tempting to save money and purchase cheap products but if you are buying an Air fryer go for a quality product don’t try to save some extra dollars. In a long run, you will realize that it’s a total waste of money. You will lose more money for not buying a good one even you can be spending more and more for fixing the problems that start coming after a few days of purchase. It’s not only that it’s cheap it has some bad qualities it has a low quality nonstick material which will start giving a bad smell while cooking and mix with the aroma of food and it will start spelling of within few months by washing and frequent cooking and then you have to replace it in any way. Before purchasing Air Fryers please do some research and check reviews of the products and then make a final decision. I recommend you must check the products which have a few thousand reviews and check the customer’s comments.

Mistake No 2

Overloading your Air Fryer Basket

I can understand the product images are showing the overloaded baskets but that is just for a photoshoot just don’t assume that this is an actual cooking style that will not help you or reduce your time that will be big trouble and your products will be uncooked or with bad taste. The right style of cooking in Air Fryer is filled half. Yes, you can load your Air fryer basket to ¼ while cooking chicken wings because they have a lot of water in it and they usually shrink when we put them for cooking. If you have a big family and you don’t want to cook in batches then consider a big size air fryer with more cooking capacity.

If you have to check the capacity of the fryer you need to check the dimension of the baskets and focus on the horizontal, try size because you have to cook food in laying position better not to pile up your food

Mistake no 3

No oil to food or Zero Oil

I accept that it’s an Air Fryer and you purchase it to eat oil-free food but some food needs a small quantity of oil to finish in crisp cooking. Even though Air fryer is marketed as healthier frying with no oil but some food needs a little oil if you want a perfect taste. Let me tell you when you need oil and how much should be the quantity and best type of oil to be used. What oil actually does? it basically helps transfer the heat and give a crisp and colour to the food.

How to Use it? Don’t pore it not put it in the basket just keep a spray bottle and spray only one or two teaspoons of oil on Food after putting it in the Air Fryer basket. It will give crisp to the food and you can add more oil at the end you can also use oil for seasoning you can also add oil to adhere seasonings to the food like air fryer chicken, lamb pieces or chicken wings but you are baking cookies and cake you don’t need to put extra oil.

You should also know that you are using a right type of cooking oil and yes remember it better to avoid pressurize can sprayers because they contain propellant which can cause stop the cold process inside the air fryer basket. So you can purchase a good quality spray bottle and can add oil to it

Mistake 4

Not Rotating or shaking the food in half and not maintain the temperature

I agree that it’s a hand free cooking but still, it’s a machine and need supervision you must know the smoke points of your air fryer.

Better option to put a reminder has put the timer at halfway of cooking as its over-rotate your food or shake your food whichever is easier for you and put for rest half of the cooking time.

And if you are not checking the temperature of your food you can overcook or burn it you must know the temperature of your food by

Digital thermometer they are easily available in market and are very cheap.

Mistake no 6

Not giving air to air fryer

Air fryer need enough circulation to cook for that make sure that your air fryer is appropriately properly at a distance of almost 6 inches of space between your air fryer and wall

There is a place under Neath the air fryer so makes sure to place it on a hard surface and nothing is covering that area

If you want to take out your basket always put that on cutting board to move, rotate or shake your food.

Mistake no 7

Cooking fatty food and cooking without cleaning Air fryer

Like I mentioned earlier you don’t need oil for fatty food as the fat will be letting off the food and landing directly in the basket if you want to get better results put some water down the basket that will help to keep the oil and it will also prevent all the yak smoking that many times people face in the air fryers

If you are cooking in air fryer frequently always leave it clean after cooking and if you cook often then clean your cooking basket before and after the cooking to prevent the smokes and bad tastes.

The longer you leave food in your air fryer longer it will make to clean the basket the crumbs and fats with a stick to the basket and it will create bad smells in next cooking. It is better to place your Air fryer basket in the sink and soak it for few minutes as it contains no-stick material best way is to wash it with foam and lukewarm water for better cleaning and to protect the nonstick coating of air fryer safe.

If you have grease in the bottom of the basket then pur out it immediately

Mistake No 8

Not following the recipe  properly

If you are not adapting recipes, then you will not be able to get the excellent result at the end so as per my experience better is to adapt remember it is not one to one conversion from baking instructions to air fryer instructions so compact it cooks food faster so you will need to adjust temperature and time when you cook food and you need to decrease 10 to 25 degrees and then cook halfway of time. This is the beauty of air fryer that you can easily adapt and adjust

Must try to heat leftovers in your air fryers that will be great because when you heat leftovers in the oven it sometimes gets soaked but when you heat them in air fryer it will be quick and crisp

Mistake no 9

Using Accessories with air fryers

If you want to use different accessories with your air fryers you can use but sometimes we prefer cost-effective like foils and butter papers. Some butter papers available in the market have holes in them they are more suitable because they help air to circulate among the air fryer and also let your food cooked properly. Never try to use wet towels and paper towels in your air fryers always remember air need to circulate properly in your air fryer to cook your food properly.

All those accessories which we use in the oven can be used in an air fryer like silicon, glassware, ramekins. Avoid these mistakes to keep the life of your air fryer long

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