How to use an Air fryer- Beginner Guide?

And you finally bought an air fryer and now you don’t know how to use that air fryer and it’s obvious.

Purchasing a new product is a question and you need guidance on how to use that product. When you are newly wedded and you got air fryer as a gift.

Don’t worry I am here and today I will tell you how to operate your air fryer properly and will brief you about some basics on how to use an air Fryer.

you know It’s always fun when you have a new appliance, today is Sunday and I will make you expert by telling you the step by step process. by giving you two recipes

So what’s the big deal about using an air fryer anyway? Take the air fryer out of the box and start using it. Are you ready! let’s go.

One thing you need to remember is air fryers are not a deep fryer but its excellent and healthier alternative. If you can bake If you can grill, you can fry, you can cook in your air fryer it’s better than a deep fryer because its way less messy actually every person has his own perspective, I don’t know about yours but I cannot stand that stinky smell that lingers on your clothes forever when you deep fry something.

In the air fryer you can see a chamber in that chamber you will find a basket as shown below.

Basically it’s a mini convection oven. In down picture you can see the heating element which has a powerful fan which push the heat down an all-around and cook food and over the food it makes the food juicy crisp and off course in baking it is less messy especially in the summer time it will not heat up your house

There are so many types of air fryers but today we will be talking about the one with a basket.

What you expect the very first time when you unbox your air fryer or any appliance, you have read the manual and I must say that is not fun to do. Majority of air fryer manual have very incomplete information about the product anyhow let’s start our Steps

Step 1:

Before using it for the first time take out the basket and wash it roughly with dish washing soap and warm water to make it ready for cooking. Don’t leave it wet first, dry the basket with soft cloth but don’t need to make it very dry because the air fryer has capability to evaporate the water.

Step 2:

check the chamber of your air fryer that there is no packing material left behind because when you start your air fryer and if something is left behind it sticks to the surface and can give you trouble.

Step 3:

Place your air fryer on a wood board or a flat marble surface and it should have a proper space under it never put paper towel fabric under your air fryer and there should be almost 5 inches’ space from the wall never place it very close to wall because heat comes out from the back and it need proper circulation.

Step 4:

First time Test Run it empty to remove the first burning smell because it’s a fresh piece and when it starts it will give some bad Smell which is of paint or something or factory packaging so run it empty check the power and plug it properly now press the power button of your air fryer now put your air fryer on maximum heat and for 10 minutes minimum now you can see some temperature and time on the small led on front or top of your air fryer always remember after finishing the time don’t touch any other part of your air fryer except the basket because it can be hot

Now you are ready you can cook in your air fryer before cooking. Always reheat your air fryer. Some air fryers have this option. Some have not if your air fryer is without this option run it empty for 05 minutes on the heat on which you want to cook.

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